The man, the myth, the legend. Grandpa Berry.  

He is the reason I have an anchor tattoo on my chest and his favorite phrase is my business name. 
James Berry was a tough love, rub some dirt on it kind of navy man. I would hear him use the term, "fortyeleven". He would use it to describe measurements, amounts, numbers, etc., and always said to make me laugh.
 It's also the code you type in at self checkout for bananas, but I assume that is unrelated. 


What is Forty Eleven?

About Us

Human connection

My Approach 

I want to capture YOU. Your story, your love and your family is unique and your images should reflect that. I work to make you feel comfortable, natural and have been know to tell a dad joke or two. My style is a mix of prompts, direction and letting the moment play out. Never been in front on the camera or a little nervous? Don't worry, I got you!

To be completely honest, you're not like all the rest.

I'm a wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer based in Escalon Ca. I'm just your run of the mill red head, thirty something year old, pizza loving mama who has spent the past decade honing my craft.  I'm inspired by the natural, the joyful and the emotional. When I'm not behind the camera I'm off trying to get the hang of this new mom thing with my husband Dylan.

Hey guys, 
I'm Nichole and...

Let me be your personal hype girl!